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Our further goals

A purposeful endeavour

 to enhance ecological endowements and systems, promote co-evolutionary culture-nature development. That fostering self-government, place hospitality and economic self -reliance  by adopting a cross-disciplinary, bottom-up and “inclusive”  approach to regional/urban planning and design. 

Hence, in this framework we also aim to “bridge the gap” between the various cultural and practices context and places in the world where manifold “bioregionally inspired” cultures and experiences originated and, accordingly, real transformative practices have been carried on.  That especially drawing on the seminal north american regionalist  and bioregional legacy, that flourished over the XXth century and as continued nowadays,  and the european/mediterranean experiences that, alike the italian “territorialist” school, hinges upon historically diachronic and geographically dense “biographical” methods of analysis, planning and design of region and places. 

A bridging strive that can especially count on the cultural and planning shared key heritage of Patrick Geddes  reflections and practices.  A legacy that  represents the conceptual link that underpin a common vision for an organic conception of planning and for an  “audacious insurgency” to be adopted in its practices.

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