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Bioregional Planning

international and inter-disciplinary network for the promotion of bioregional thinking and practices

Who we are and our purpose

The network gathers academics, scholars, practitioners, places committed activists, ordinary people who work on bioregional experiences and planning as approaches to cope with post-oil transition regime and contemporary issues. We want to foster a community and network of contributors on bioregional issues to propose planning strategies with the aim to enhance local/regional empowerment. Accordingly we conceive this web site as a common place where  we invite you to share and exchange reflections and practices to actually innovate and enhance in bioregional sense policies and tools in the field of spatial planning and design and, more generally, in places stewardship practices. 


The network was founded in October 2021 but we share the same roots for a long time!

Take a look at who we are and join us!


We propose a selection of initiatives and projects from people, researchers, activists we are glad to share with you

Spatial projects

Here’s a selection of spatial projects from the world and our community. Design and Planning inspired by bioregional roots and paradigms explored through the perspective of young scholars, researchers, professors, and practitioners from all over the world

Roots and Theories

We want to share our theoretical roots. The bibliography below is constantly updated and periodically enriched. Suggestions are warmly welcomed and source of debate in the community and outside…we hope!


This section is for announcements, call for papers, call for abstract, conferences, brand new published papers, interesting contents…


Here's the latest posts about the initiatives, ideas, and projects of the friends of the network. Contact us via email if you want to share yours in this section.Below you find a selection of websites and projects related to our purposes and roots.    ...

The Collaboratorium by Professor Joe Ravetz

The Collaboratorium  or Future-wise Mind-Lab is an international online ‘Laboratory for collective intelligence’. Its aim is to develop and test new kinds of systems based on collective intelligence:  and pathways for transformation towards such systems.  In 2021 they...

Call for Papers SdT

Call for Papers SdT

Eco-territorialism. The bioregional perspective Edited by Roberta Cevasco, David Fanfani and Alberto ZiparoThe deadline for the submissions is 31 May, 2022Territorial Sciences / Scienze del Territorio, the international scientific journal of the Territorialist...

Call for Papers Contesti

Call for Papers Contesti

Learning Places/Places to learn Designing Spaces for a mindful citizenship Edited by Maria Rita Gisotti and Rosa RomanoThe deadline for the submissions is 15 March, 2022Recently, the link between education and ecological transition has assumed a growing centrality in...

Bioregional Pills


Walking is the great adventure, the first meditation, a practice of heartiness and soul primary to humankind. Walking is the exact balance beween spirit and humility.

- Gary Snyder

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