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Here’s the latest posts about the initiatives, ideas, and projects of the friends of the network.

Contact us via email if you want to share yours in this section.

Bioregional Regeneration Summit Oct 24- Nov 4, 2022

The Summit is a space for bioregional practitioners around the world (new and old) to meet each other, open spontaneous conversations in Open Space, listen in and/or join in with thought leaders, and simply hang out in the world of bioregioning and get to grips with...

The Collaboratorium by Professor Joe Ravetz

The Collaboratorium  or Future-wise Mind-Lab is an international online ‘Laboratory for collective intelligence’. Its aim is to develop and test new kinds of systems based on collective intelligence:  and pathways for transformation towards such systems.  In 2021 they...

Below you find a selection of websites and projects related to our purposes and roots.



Planet Drum Foundation (Peter Berg e Judy Goldsmith founders)
Cascadia Dept. of Bioregion 
One Planet Living-Bioregional (Sue Riddlestone)
UN-Urban Rural LInkages
Green Belts (Can)   
Peri-cene Program
Collaboratorium-Laboratory for collective intelligence 
Periurban Initiative