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Learning Places/Places to learn Designing Spaces for a mindful citizenship

Edited by Maria Rita Gisotti and Rosa Romano
The deadline for the submissions is 15 March, 2022

Recently, the link between education and ecological transition has assumed a growing centrality in the public debate. In January 2021, the EC president, Ursula von der Leyen, has launched the New European Bauhaus program that aims to make the European Green Deal a social, cultural and broadly shared project. To this end, the design disciplines were asked to have a key role proposing ideas and good practices to contribute to the formation of a new social and civic culture of living, featured by sustainability, inclusion, beauty. In recent years, at the national level, the need to rethink the educational environments and the pedagogical approaches has been a priority of political and cultural reflection, also in light of what happened during the pandemic and the consequent need to review tools and ways of educating (e.g. the way digital innovation has strongly supported education during lockdown periods). Starting from these reflections, this issue of CONTESTI calls for research and projects relating to the relationship between the sphere of education and that of the design and implementation of innovative, sustainable and inclusive learning built environments.

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